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Patrik Melis
Product Designer

My design heart currently belongs to BoligPortal

Freelance and side projects

Figma Wireframe Kit

I have published an open-source Wireframe kit in Figma Community. It includes various interface components in grey-scale for easy iterations in early stages of process.

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Sailing school website

Freelance project for a Slovak Sailing School located in Gabčíkovo. The school provides people of any age with practical training in sailing and organizes different sailing events.

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AngioHC Website by Patrik Melis

AngioHC website

A website for a local Slovak ambulance with information for its patients regarding opening hours, bookings and other information they might be seeking daily.

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Academic case studies

BoligPortal Internship - Award-winning Internship by Patrik Melis

BoligPortal Internship

I spent first 10 weeks of 2020 in BoligPortal – Denmark’s largest platform with housing rentals. Read now, what made this Internship an award-winning internship!

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BoligPortal App Concept by Patrik Melis

BoligPortal App

For my AP Thesis I have developed an app concept for my client BoligPortal in order to increase the users experience for home-seekers and landlords.

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