BoligPortal Collection by Patrik Melis

BoligPortal Projects Collection


Landing pages, graphs, data tables, Inbox,…Collection of various projects I have worked on since joining BoligPortal in January 2020.


March 2020 – now


UX, UI, Landing Page, Data, Graphs

Status Pages

Once landlords create rental contracts or moving reports, they can stay up do date on dedicated status pages which reflect important dates, links, and all kinds of documentation.

Energy label

Usage of real-world Energy labels for easy and quick recognition. 

Statistics page

Landlords can follow detailed statistics on ow their add is performing.

Inbox attachments

After attachments were introduced, it is easier for both landlords and seekers to send files directly through BoligPortal’s messaging system.

Colour marking in Inbox

Visual recognition for landlords as they can visualize which tenants they talked to, refused, agreed to talk to further, etc. 

"Landlord online today" badge

The badge is indicating the activity of the property’s owner and works as a little contact nudge for seekers as they know the landlord is active on BoligPortal’s platform.

More coming soon…